Quality and food safety

Danish fruits and vegetables are known for their high quality and food safety. Through our quality management system, we work dedicated to comply with the highest international standards within food production making sure that all our products meet the necessary documentation requirements.

Global G.A.P., GRASP and IFS Broker

All our Danish Organic Growers are certified within the GlobalG.A.P. and GRASP standards. This means that we guarantee international standards within food safety, traceability and sustainable production while also ensuring healthy and socially responsible working conditions for the employees.

In addition, we are IFS Broker certified. See our certificate here.

GlobalG.A.P. is the international standard within Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.). GRASP is an add-on to GlobalG.A.P. which demonstrates that the producer ensures healthy, safe and socially responsible working circumstances for the employees.

Organic production

Denmark is known as a leading country within organic food production. In 1987, Denmark was the first country in the world to implement a state control for organic products, and today the Danish organic products are highly respected. Several of our organic growers were among the pioneers in Denmark to introduce organic vegetable production, and we are proud that our producers fulfil the strict regulation and requirements needed to use the official Danish Organic Label and the EU Organic Label.

Directly from producer to customer

Freshness is essential to maintain high quality in fruit and vegetables. Our producers harvest the products at the most optimal time and immediately after the products are packed and cooled in the producers own packing facilities. The products are transported in cooled trucks to the customer which ensures fresh delivery.

Danish Organic Growers

Freshly harvested fruits and vegetables.


Direct transport to the customer in cooled trucks.

Fresh delivery

Fresh delivery to store or warehouse.

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